Efrat Weidberg

case study

Samsung Business

Experience strategy and website re-design




Experience Design Lead

I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Samsung or SapientNitro.


My role

Planning, Oversight & Coordination

Helped with project scope and client communication. Led key stakeholder alignment meetings and co-creation workshops. Coordinated sprint planning while managing client expectations.

Customer Insights & Ideation

Worked with the research team to form a research and testing group that consisted of decision makers, researchers and CIO’s within multiple industries. Synthesized research into insight and needs, and translated them into concepts and features that address customer behaviors and motivations, while balancing business needs and technical constraints.

Information Architecture & Design Framework

Sketched, prototyped and tested a flexible design framework. Created page templates and components library, based on user needs and business requirements.

Content framework and category innovation

Led sketching and ideation sessions to come up with tools and utilities, to add value to users beyond the current B2B category standards.

1. The customer experience journey as an insight tool
Following 34 customer interviews, we uncovered a handful of insights that helped us ideate around micro- journeys that matter within the buying decision journey.
We sketched our ideas, mapped them into the journey and identified interaction themes. We then re-imagined the experience as it progress through the different stages of the buyer’s experience: from an unknown user to customer relationship.


2. Navigation models
Based on user interviews, site analytics and current site audit findings, 
we began to re-think the site map and navigation taxonomy

We then sketched, iterated and created a recommended direction.


3. Design & Content Framework: from web pages to dynamic templates
Based on page and content needs, we can leverage and arrange available components within templates to craft pages that have a consistent experience.


4. B2B Category innovation One of the most consistent needs we uncovered during research, was an easier way to collect assets for internal decision makers presentations. To meet that need, we created a tool for registered users, where they can save resources, products and insights directly from their location into one sherable place.


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